Common file extensions.

Sometimes the PuppetMasters will give us a file that is not what it seems:
For example, at, there was a which really was a ZIP file. But inside, there was a file called where.gif. However the file was not really a GIF file. it was an MP3 file. The players had to rename the file to where.MP3 and open it with an MP3 player.
In this chapter, you will see various file types, and learn how (when needed) to look "inside" the file to verify that it is what it says it is.

These are some of the most common file extensions that you will run across.

extension name description open using more info
JPG,JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group Bitmap graphic file internet browser, Microsoft Photo editor, or something similar jpg.htm
GIF Graphics Interchange Format graphic file internet browser, microsoft Photo editor, or something similar gif.htm
WAV WAVE Sound File audio files. MP3 player, or "Sound Recorder" or Windows Media Player wav.htm
MP3 Motion Picture Experts Group - Audio Layer 3 audio file Standard MP3 player (winamp for example) or with Windows Media Player mp3.htm
DOC Microsoft Word Documents Word Processing Document Microsoft Word doc.htm
BMP bitmap files graphic file Microsoft Paint, or other graphics utilities. bmp.htm
PCX PC Paintbrush graphic file graphic utilities pcx.htm
PDF Adobe's Portable Document Format a "what you see is what you get" file. most word documents and text files will look different from computer to computer. But a PDF file prints out almost exactly like the way the author wanted it to be. Adobe Acrobat, or in your internet browser (using an Acrobat plug-in) pdf.htm
TXT text file usually doesn't contain any machine code in it. what you see is all you get notepad
SWF MacroMedia's Flash program. Animation and audio. internet browser with flash plug-in
HTM, HTML Hyper Text Markup Language: The language of the World Wide Web. Everything you see on a web page is HTML and interpreted by Web Browsers. internet browser or notepad
EXE executable file: A file type used for files that are executable programs. In most operating systems, Exe files can be run or executed simply by typing their name on the command line. use with caution. run at a DOS prompt or call from START\RUN... or double click when in Windows Explorer
ZIP A compressed file: Zip files can reduce large files using a compression algorithm to reduce the amount of space that an application can take up. winzip or pkzip zip.htm
PHP hypertext preprocessor PHP is a script that runs on the webserver side of the internet. It will create what you see on the fly. For instance, it can be used to access database information. internet browser
ASP Active Server Pages ASP is a Microsoft technology similar to PHP that is used to create dynamic Web pages. internet browser

Directory Directories when there is no extention, only a directory, you are really viewing "index.html" or "index.htm" in that directory.