Group Labelling Guidelines
Please label all posts.
The Cloudmaker protocol:
NEW - New in-game website, phone number, or e-mail address from the game.
UPDATE - Use this when an EXISTING in-game web site, voicemail number or e-mail autoresponder has changed its content.
EMAIL - Emails received that are from an in-game character.
PHONE - Live phone conversations with an in-game character.
CHAT - Live conversations with an in-game character via on-line chat.
SPEC - Speculation. You think your post might be right, and some evidence supports your view, but the point is not conclusive.
INFO - Information relevant to the game, its websites, etc.
TRIVIA - Facts about the game which COULD be relevant, but which, as far as you can tell, probably aren't.
QUESTION - Use this label when you have a factual game-related question which you are fairly certain that the group can answer, or for answers to other QUESTIONs.
PUZZLE - A post about game-related puzzles, passwords, etc. If you know the answer, add the word SOLVED.  (Some players prefer to have spoiler spaces added to solution posts, especially if the solution was derived from decompiling a flash file. Those players may feel more comfortable in moderatated groups.)
SOURCE - Analysis of the HTML source code underlying game-related pages.
OFFTOPIC or OT - This post is totally unrelated to the game.
HUMOR - A post which is funny.
META - Discussions of what the moderators are doing wrong, new labels we should use, how people ought to play the game, or about the group generally.
FLAME - Replies to a stupid post.
TROUT(?) - The polite response to a redundant or factually false post.