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Why does Unfiction need my help?

When Unfiction first launched, it was intended merely as an informational resource. With the launch of the discussion forums and their subsequent explosion in activity and popularity, SpaceBass's personal ability to meet the expenses of increasing hosting costs came into jeopardy and Unfiction began asking its users to donate to the hosting fund. Since then, expenses have continued to increase.

Unfiction has always been advertising- and subscription-free and it is our goal to remain so for the life of the site, if at all possible.

How can I support Unfiction?

The easiest way is to make a contribution to the donation fund, using your Paypal account or major credit card via the link below (donations are not tax-deductible).

We also offer Unfiction or related brand merchandise via partnership with several online retailers and publishers, including a stunning full-color print edition of the Project MU Archives of the Metacortechs ARG.

Unfiction holds periodic auctions of ARG memorabilia and swag and we may accept your offer of items for future auctions (contact an Unforum Admin if you have an Unforum account or use our Contact page).

Check back on this page for others ways to support Unfiction as they are added.


Contributions to the donation fund can be made through a secure Paypal transaction using an existing account or with a major credit card. Donations are not tax deductible.

If you are a registered member on the Unforum or would like your real name published on our contributors page, please add a note in the comment field on the transaction page. Donations in increments of $100 receive recognition on the Unforum as weekly sponsors.

If you have an item you would like to donate for a future auction, please contact an Unforum Admin (if you have an Unforum account) or use our Contact page.


Unfiction holds periodic auctions of memorabilia and swag from current and alternate reality games gone by. All items are generously donated by companies active in the ARG world today as well as the moderators, admins, and users of the Unfiction forums. All proceeds go to the Unfiction donation fund. Click the following link to check out the latest auction.

Current or latest Unfiction auction.


All proceeds from sales of the following items go to the Unfiction donation fund.

Unfiction by Spreadshirt

Unfiction by Printfection


To show their appreciation for the game and out of thanks to the MU [Metacortechs] PMs … a group of players also known as the Metaurchins presented an online archive, a players' account of two months of gameplay, tension, curiosity and exploration. This "book" has been praised by some as an excellent resource for both new players and new PMs, because it shows an insight into player experience that is pretty unique.

Now, to celebrate the three years that passed since MU, we're proud to announce that the MU Archives book is now available in a stunning, full-color print version through the online printshop As a tribute to (and with full permission of) the MU PMs, the 218-page full-color book is a nearly identical version of the online archives. As of now, it is on sale through Lulu's online shop (click here) for the price of $49.99, which is a (very) slight percentage above cost-price.

All proceeds from each sale will go to the Unfiction donation fund, thanks to this generous donation by the Metaurchins.


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