online tools

install the unfiction search bar accessory (available for IE or Mozilla)

alphanumeric translators and converters

code charts



  • DNS Stuff : lookups for Whois, abuse records, spam database, reverse DNS, IPWhois, geographical IP, DNS, and CIDR/Netmask; traceroute, ping, URL deobfuscator, and decimal IP convertor
  • DNS lookup : search Whois records
  • multiple keyword whois : search Whois records with multiple keywords
  • number finder : search US white pages
  • area codes : US area code listing
  • zip codes : find zip codes for US addresses, all zip codes for a city or town, all cities and towns in a zip code, and zip+4 for companies


  • CipherClerk's applet : encryption/decryption applet
  • ROT-X : rotate text through all alphabet rotations from 1 through 26 simultaneously
  • Vigenere decoder : online decoder for this early cipher
  • file vault : self-contained, single-use file encryption
  • HTML Lock : to view the source code of web pages encrypted using HTML Lock, save the page locally and add this text to the source code in the "body onload" tag and reload the page locally: alert(document.all[0].innerHTML)



custom search engines

steganography [?]

  • camouflage
  • jphide
  • camera/shy : the only steganographic tool that automatically scans for and delivers decrypted content straight from the Web