getting started

what is all this?
If you have no idea what this site is about, we recommend you read through the brief history of alternate reality gaming. Check out Wikipedia for a more in-depth definition of the genre. Take a look at imbri's excellent QuickStart Guide for a briefer introduction.

where can i learn more?
For more detailed background information, summaries and reviews of past and current games, and humorous or painful anecdotes check out the compendium.

what are these odd words you keep using?
We'll try to define the less obvious terminology for you in the glossary.

this is really cool!

where can i find out about upcoming campaigns?
You can check out our daughter site, despoiler, where we post tips and trailheads we receive and host wikis for players of Alternate Reality Games. Head over to our friends at ARGNet for excellent genre news and have a listen to an episode or two of their ARGNetcast for current news, topic discussions, and guest personalities.

what's going on with this site?
You can slide over to the site news section to check out the latest happenings at Unfiction, including updates about new features, articles, interviews, and resources. If any. Most of the action around here takes place in the unfiction forums.

are you running any campaigns?
Not that we know of, and we wouldn't tell you if we were. That's the whole point.

this irks and/or pleases me. i'd like to email you to let you know in more detail how i am feeling.
Well, okay. You can find our contact information in the about section.