July 2001 – January 2002
Tag: "complex stigmata"
Reference: Official FAQ
Gametype: Independent


Status: Concluded.
Synopsis: Notes
Guide: by dnbmathguy
Discussion: Yahoo! Group


Plexata was an interactive puzzle game that followed closely on the heels of the Beast. It was run by a single developer with help from two other contributors and kept many Cloudmakers occupied during their withdrawal process.

From the FAQ:
This project originally started out as a series of visual puzzles only. There was no story associated with the game — the goal was simply to provide the puzzles as fee-based entertainment. After observing the (in our opinion) success of the promotional AI game, and the overwhelmingly positive response to the story surrounding it, a hasty effort was made to pull together some story ideas developed for separate project which was conceived of several years ago. The Plexata story basically evolved as the puzzles were programmed and players made progress. Without any specific direction, the story was initially meant to serve as background for the puzzles.