:K: – Uncap the Ride

September 2001 – December 2002
Tag: The Hire: A new era in short films.
Trailhead: BMW Films – Season 1
Sponsor: BMW
Gametype: Commercial


Status: Concluded (for now?).
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Guide: Walkthrough by Tien_Le
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Uncapping the Ride – BMW Endgame Gives Hope
Last night's event in Las Vegas, Nevada, was the culmination of the quest to "Uncap the Ride." Only 250 people completed the online portion of the BMW Films game and registered to win a 2003 BMW Z4, and many of them travelled from all over North America to meet the man with the forks. Unfiction's Vegas Correspondent, Steve Peters, was there. more


Beginning in 2001, BMW released a series of short films showcasing their cars. Each film starred Clive Owen as the "Driver" alongside many famous actors, and each was directed by such notables as Ang Lee, John Woo, Guy Ritchie, and John Frankenheimer. News eventually surfaced in a Macintosh rumors forum that the Apple site had a mysterious tiny :K: link which seemed to have something to do with those BMW films. Investigation of the subplot films that went along with each production revealed clues to a massive internet scavenger hunt set in the Driver's universe that spanned many sites, including the Apple and BMW Films sites, Starbucks, First Illinois Mortgage, and the Susstones' site.

Several thousand people took the bait and followed the trail, which ultimately led to the chance to register to win a brand new 2003 BMW Z4.