September 2002 – Present
Tag: The Machina Universalis, a treasure and an enigma.
Official Rules and Trailhead: TimeHunt
Gametype: Puzzle Game


Status: Hiatus.
Synopsis: Notes
Guide: by Angus
Discussion: Unfiction Forum


This "online Treasure Hunt" is produced by Wellspring Interactive, Ltd., and was scheduled to launch in about a month, according to the TimeHunt "Head of Clues," Danny Kodicek. In a post over on ARGN, Kodicek pointed to the site, and explained that the online game included more than 100 pages of "interactive and animated puzzles," with notable contributors such as Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

Registration is required to participate, and TimeHunt also features some facility to communicate with other players, called "Hunters" by Kodicek, as well as a physical treasure for the winner: "a replica of the Machina Universalis envisioned by Poverus, a machine that purports to answer all the questions of the Universe."

TimeHunt is a web-based "armchair treasure hunt," that appeals to veteran ARGers because of its rich storyline and beautiful design.