January – March 2003
November – December 2002
Tag: The contest IS REAL. There will be: 6 winners, 6 Final Solutions, 6 Grand Prizes.
Official Rules: Rules
Gametype: Independent


Status: Meltdown. Twice.
Synopsis: Notes
Guide: by Tien_le
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The phoenix springing from the ashes of the abortive Push, NV, this game promised to be everything ARG that Push wasn't, if by "everything" you mean to say "huge, puke-fest of chaotic updates and bad IRC acting." This game was so good it imploded, resurrected itself, convinced the players to come back, then imploded again. The creator later convinced everyone to come back yet again for the final showdown, a fastest fingers puzzle relating to the boardgame "Clue." Then no one got their prizes.

Under consideration for first ever "Meltdown Trifecta" award.