JMX – The JadedMedia Experience

December 2002 – Present
Tag: JadedMedia is what you make of it. You are the beholder.
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Gametype: Independent, Puzzle Game


Status: Neverending.
Synopsis: Notes
Rumor: Sources tell us a sequel may be in development.
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The JadedMedia Experience, while not itself an Alternate Reality Game, deserves a spot on the ARG compendium through its relentless education of participants in skills and problem-solving abilities that may be required while ARGing.

JMX was a puzzle trail game, built to be solved collaboratively rather than singularly as had been the norm at the time. It was a progressive challenge incorporating many different forms of data-hiding techniques, including obfuscation, cryptography, steganography, and pure evil. We totally loved it and the six stages are still available to play through today.