Experience It! Exposed

What was the most difficult part of the campaign development?

Several things made this project difficult. The biggest obstacle, once again was the very short time frame. Second, was trying to make all the different components fit together in the story and actually work online. We had some issues FTP-ing from our site, so uploads became a problem. One aspect that was challenging was having students from different courses such as graphics and programming work together. Overall, they did a good job of adapting to this new working experience.

What was your favorite clue or piece of the trail?

I really liked the clue leading individuals to Maurice at Table Rock Brew Pub. Several people at the final event told me they were pretty excited to contact him (Maurice) and thought it was a great part of the game. A few players said they were a little nervous to actually go up to the bartender.

I was really impressed when I learned that the web-message site was created by a student. I'd thought it was an existing service that you just used for part of the game. Was the site fully functional, or was it just a false-front?

Originally, we wanted to create an actual message service that was fully functioning. However, that itself would be a huge undertaking. Our programmer really wanted to give it a try, but the time factor would not allow for the full development. So we created the site as a front and the interface for the audio messages. The students really enjoyed making the fake messages.

What can you tell me about VirtuQuest.com?

A guest of one of the players approached me at the final event. He is interested in developing online adventures for several areas that he lists on the website. The target audience may not be for the real serious ARG player, however, I can see some good uses for these types of adventures. He has asked me to help out in several areas and has asked to use the NetVenture "Experience It" as an example. We have also had discussions about utilizing my students who will actually serve as interns. All students at the Charter High School need to have 280 hours of internship in order to graduate.

Any hints on what the next campaign will entail?

Well, for me personally, I am looking forward to being on the outside of an ARG and playing. However, the BAM is interested in developing some more tech-oriented campaigns later on. How they will look or in what form I am not sure yet. I hope they contact me again. I know my students would love to put together another Experience.

You said that you were "looking forward to being on the outside of an ARG and playing." Do you mean that you aren't involved with the development of Virtu-Quest (you implied it was an outside project inspired by your own). Are there any upcoming games you are specifically looking forward to?

The individuals at Virtuquest have asked me to assist in some elements of the development. I have agreed to help on a limited basis. At this point I have basically explained the process I went through in the Experience It development and the obvious problems I encountered.

I am really interested in Hidden Alliance. I wish we would get more info about a release date. I have also been playing Alias off and on when I have time.

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