I Love Bees (aka the Haunted Apiary)

July – November 2004
Tag: Dana's Aunt Margaret is having trouble with her website. Weird trouble.
Trailhead: I Love Bees
Sponsors: Bungie and 4orty2wo Entertainment
Gametype: Commercial


Status: Concluded.
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In the summer of 2004, a damaged AI from the future crashlanded on Earth and inhabited the webserver hosting the site of one bee enthusiast, Dana's Aunt Margaret. Over the next two months, players raced to piece together the AI's story, along with that of some other entities that seemed to have stowed away with her, and to attempt to help the AI to return to her own time.

The game unfolded as a massive serial radio play that required players to answer payphones around the country and overseas, located by specific Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates and exact times. Players who returned the correct codeword for the day would unlock an "Axon" eventually building to 777 successfully unlocked axons and the conclusion of the gripping story.

I Love Bees was produced by 4orty2wo Entertainment as a promotion for Bungie's upcoming Halo 2 videogame release for the XBox console.