Unfiction Receives Unprecedented Gift

This week we received our largest-ever donation. The $8,000 sum will fund the community's hosting and overhead costs for an entire year.

The amazing gift came from Andy Darley, recent winner of Perplex City's Season One cash prize, and will allow us to focus on continuing to offer a sustainable, free resource for our players.

T3h K00bExplaining his financial support for Unfiction, Darley said: "Perplex City is the first ARG to end with a significant sum of money in the hands of one of its players, and it's only right that some of that money should find its way back to benefit the whole ARG community."

This extremely generous contribution by Andy Darley will allow us to focus our attention for the first time on future projects instead of having to worry about where next month's hosting costs will come from. We will now be able to concentrate on building up other revenue streams, and directing those revenues towards the growth and promotion of the genre as a whole.

It may not seem like a great deal of money to some people but all of our work is done by volunteers, without whom we would be hard-pressed to continue, and this is a great opportunity for us. We are very grateful to Mr. Darley for this gift.

Thank you, Rand0m!

About Andy Darley: Darley is a freelance web designer whose work includes his Cube microsite at www.andthenhesaid.com/cube and the e-commerce site www.mybathroomfinder.com. A former journalist and politician, he has also contributed to a forthcoming collection of short stories from Sunnyvale, CA, publisher No Record Press (http://www.no-record.com/) entitled The Red Anthology.