It ain't a rumor folks, it's fact! Exocog wrapped up today. Here's a snippet from the curtain call:

"As you no doubt have assumed all along, this excursion into the world of Exocog was indeed an experiment in interactive fiction and Internet gaming. It was done partly for fun and partly out of professional curiosity: I wanted to know what would it be like to run such a game, and, to be honest, what the commercial possibilities for creating these kinds of events might be. So I identified a few likely candidates for such an event, pitched the idea to them , and off we went. We approached the project from the perspective of 'Suppose we were asked to run a web event for an upcoming movie, say, Minority Report. What would we do, and how would we do it?'"

Check it out, then head over to the ARGN Forum to find details about a forthcoming chat with the puppetmasters.

Players, let us know what you thought of the game!