GameSpy Interview with Keith Griffin of MindQuest

Prophet over at GameSpy cornered the CEO of MindQuest, Keith Griffin, and grilled him about the as-yet-unlaunched TerraQuest game. The interview provides an excellent overview of the TerraQuest concept, the mechanics of playing and winning, the target audience and the types of media planned for use.

It's interesting that Mr. Griffin again cautions against teaming up online to play, and instead recommends playing alone. I wonder if that attitude will affect the difficulty level of the puzzles involved, since a community of players tends to be quicker and smarter collectively than the single individual (in general). Then again, I haven't heard yet whether the gentleman who won the Push million was a part of a group of players.

On a related note, it's been reported that players who were among the first 450 to register for TerraQuest have received emails from the company indicating they will be sent a free TerraQuest hat! So, yeah, it still hasn't started yet even though it was supposed to launch a couple of weeks ago, but hey, free hat!