Experience It! …If You’re in Boise

ExperienceIt is a local event for Boise-area residents only. It is a family-oriented activity geared towards the local community, in support of and with the cooperation of local businesses and non-profit organizations. This is a student-developed project which involves some internet sites along with real-world clues but you must be in Boise to receive them. If you live in Boise, feel free to follow along but the rest of us should leave this one alone for now.

The organizers of this event have extended a public apology to anyone who may have been led astray by the original post to the Unforum and subsequent events in response. After the local event is over, we may receive some scans and photos of the real-world clues so that those of us who are interested can play along after the fact.

Please do not attempt to contact the organizers, puppetmasters, or referenced businesses any further. We'll have more information in a couple of weeks.