A New Matrix Game?

Andy V. writes:
Just a heads up, some people over in matrix online forums found this website. It's got some pretty good stuff on it. The header is latin for know thy self, which is above the oracle's door in the movies. The left side of the data, was converted to hex….and this address was found. / and leads to a site that says very disappointing, wrong answer keep trying. Then converting to ASCII you get a name. And this other site.. seraosha was found.

I posted the main URL in the Unfiction chat room, and danman_d took off on a sleuthing rampage, tracking down the original thread referred to by Andy, the name of the site's webmaster (Kurtis Buckmaster, who turns out to be the Director of Community Development for ubi.com, which is producing the Matrix Online game [MxO], and former webmaster for Sony PlayStation), as well as the chat channel for MxO (#MxO on irc.stratics.com).

Some of the people hanging out in that channel explained that Seraosha was a member of the Matrix forum who had won a signature contest with his graphics skills, and that these pages were just a fun way to let him know he'd won. Still an interesting little diversion and something that might be worth keeping an eye on.

Update: Well, it turns out there was a bit more to it after all. Mr. Buckmaster, registered on the forums as Geiger, posted a bit later that the chapter wasn't finished yet. After taking another look, and stupidly trying a bunch of non-working URLs in vain, I managed to figure out the last clue and message the appropriate response to Geiger on the stratics IRC server. Apparently, this has won me an ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card (which will be a step up from my ancient GeForce 4 Ti 4400!)! Geiger did mention that this was merely a chapter closing and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this to see where else it may go!