Halo 2 Loves Bees?

As strange as it may sound, there could be a possible connection between the ILoveBees site and the upcoming release of Halo 2, a hotly anticipated game for the Xbox console platform that is due out in November. It appears that the developers made a deal with Loews Cinemas across the country to show a theatrical trailer for the game during the previews before certain movies. The trailer doesn't appear to contain any new game scenes or information, according to scattered posts on Xbox- and Halo-related discussion sites. However, there have been a few reports that the Xbox URL shown at the tail end of the trailer changes briefly from www.xbox.com to www.ilovebees.com! There are a few online versions of the theatrical trailer floating around, but unfortunately their quality leaves something to be desired. You can see that something is definitely happening with that URL though! Is there a connection? If you can substantiate or disprove the theory, we'd love to hear from you over in the Haunted Apiary forum!