The Unholy Saga of Where.gif

Day 10: No updates, telling us once and for all that we definitely now have enough to solve the puzzle. Despite the PM's apparent faith in us, we clearly don't fucking have enough to solve the fucking puzzle. Donkey_Oatey, noted Lockjaw scholar, goes irreparably insane in the face of having spent 10 days on one problem. He disappears into the sunset, screaming something about the Zodiac. (It's true, isn't it? I had to mention it.)

Day 11: Again no updates. Clan #Jawbreakers solves the ancient insolvable Squaring the Circle problem. Still no progress on the game, though. The word where.gif is banned in chat, under penalty of brick-to-face. Whore.gif is understood to be an acceptable alternative all around.

Day 12: An update! The Jawbreak PMs weep openly at the glory of an updated whore.gif. Our lovable old friend is now circled in eights. Which, of course, tells us what we already knew 12 DAYS AGO: the number eight. Its widely noted that every singly one of these 'hints' simply adds more vague references to the same thing, without adding more context or specificity. In unrelated news, several PMs discover bags of flaming dog poo on their doorsteps.


Day 13: The new fad spec is that Whore.gif refers to infinity, because its eight flipped over or some equally lame explanation. We were pretty desperate by this point, but we all agreed it made sense. By correlation, the backwards root of 64 is declared to be a God. Specifically, a wrathful, jealous God who teases us mortals with his unhelpful updates. *I* converted, for one.

Day 14: Two fucking weeks. Most members of clan #jawbreakers have left by now to go talk with the Eminem fans. Steve Peters is found in a cornfield, gnawing on his foot. We have no other puzzles to solve, no other lines of spec to go down, just Where.gif eternal. Eternal. Eternal.

Day 15: A newbie comes into #jawbreakers and says "Hey, maybe it stands for circulate!?! See? A circle around the number eight!" He is killbanned approximately .00000057 seconds later.

Day 16: The first promising spec in (literally) weeks comes as JJYoung notices that the eight I-Ching coin is called pi. After the now-feral Jawbreakers devoured his sumptuous flesh and sacrificed his still-beating heart to the Circular Inverted One, we get right to work on researching the Taoist version of John Edward. The same problem is still there though; even if we were on the right track, we haven't really been told what to DO with them. Still, we plug I-Ching words tirelessly into the Events box.

Day 17: An update. The original where.gif message next to the events login box… is moved to the admin login box. Which we had been ignoring for weeks, because we thought it was completely solved. We are suddenly with the realization that we have to reinput two and a half weeks of nonstop work into a different form. Somewhere, Alec Guinness (In his secret hideout with Elvis and 2Pac) hears a million voices crying out in unison, and suddenly silenced.

Day 18: Nobody fucking cares any fucking more fucking fuckity fuck.

Day 19: Another update. Depending on your viewpoint, the greatest or worst update to any puzzle ever. Words can't describe it. Maybe you'd better just see this one for yourself. (hit refresh to re-animate)


Clearly, the PMs were GREATLY amused by our suffering.

Day 20: SOOOOOOOLLLLLLVVVVED!!! By me, if I may toot my own horn, although by this point it didn't really matter. The answer was… now, if you've been following along, you'll see how this makes perfect sense…

We had to find the digit location of eight eights in a row in the number pi, not including the 3 point. And then type it, *backwards*, in the admin box.

This, from the square root of 64. Next to the events box, of course.

20 days.

One puzzle.

The horror.

The whorer.

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