Chat with Doug TenNapel of Push, NV

SpaceBass: Yux asked: Did the holes punched into the bible work much like a piano roll?
TenNapel: …I think so, it was a special kind of card reading machine that would convert the Bible code into a codebreaker that implicated Watermark or something. Next?
SpaceBass: next up is catherwood

catherwood: (flups to the message boards question)-> is this how you found out that the large flash header image on enochpushdialectic needed to be replaced with a static image? (flup)-> did it disturb you to read about people using Flash decompilers to find flaws with the hidden morse code in the headers? (flup)> did you see people inventing puzzles which never existed? Or missing puzzles that were too well hidden?

TenNapel: …I didn't catch the flash stuff…
TenNapel: …didn't really care too much about what people invented or didn't get (though there was a LOT of inventing!)…
TenNapel: …I was only concerned that the "core" players were following my puzzles. They followed just fine so I was satisfied with that part of the show. Next?
SpaceBass: Push has another question…

Push: 3 follow ups: What did you think of Derek Cecil's performance of Jim , What was the hardest puzzle you crafted, and What sort of puzzles did you hide in the opening titles of the show?

TenNapel: I like Derek as Jim…
TenNapel: …it wasn't what I'd expected, but he was a fresh face with a fresh take on the character…
TenNapel: …toward the end I couldn't imagine another kind of Jim, Derek owned that character…
TenNapel: …the hardest ones usually went by so fast that I thought someone would have to tape it to get it. I didn't want this show to only possibly be won buy a guy with TIVO…
TenNapel: …I tended to only hide word or heavily graphic images in the title. If it was too hard for production to cram into the shoot that week it probably went into the credits. Next?
SpaceBass: Diandra has our next question.

Diandra: Were any of the additional puzzles for the unaired episodes created? If so, will we ever get to see them? If not, can you describe those we missed?

TenNapel: There were tons of puzzles that were created that didn't make it into the show and others that didnt make it due to the cancellation…

Diandra: by "ever get to see them"…do you think they would be included on the DVD?

TenNapel: …You will never see those puzzles. They are probably too long and complicated to share here…
TenNapel: …I doubt if they will be on the DVD unless they include my sketchbook (could happen)…
TenNapel: …one funny clue I came up with…
TenNapel: …was for the work "longitude"…
TenNapel: …it just had an old man wearing a T-Shirt that read, "I'm width stupid". Next?
SpaceBass: Next up, jamesi.

jamesi: hey there… do you have any plans to get involved with a web-based campaign or game of some sort?

vpisteve: heh

TenNapel: No plans…
TenNapel: …I'm always consulting in the games industry but I prefer my work on the drama side of things. Can I plug my project?
SpaceBass: feel free
SpaceBass: What about "Gear"?
TenNapel: I wrote a graphic novel called Creature Tech that New Regency picked up as a live action movie!
TenNapel: …I'm writing the script…

vpisteve: i do have an absentee creature tech question

TenNapel: …everyone go buy the Creature Tech Graphic Novel on Amazon…
TenNapel: GEAR is being made at Nickelodeon…
TenNapel: …I'm working on the pilot…
TenNapel: Next?

vpisteve: from Liqidcrack: Congratulations on the CreatureTech deal can you give us any more information? And will there be a followup to CreatureTech?

TenNapel: I'm writing the C-Tech script…
TenNapel: …I submitted the outline and it is APPROVED!…
TenNapel: …I'm putting the final touches on the rough draft and getting ready to submit…
TenNapel: …I don't know if there'll be a follow up to C-Tech, I gotta time my comics very carefully since they are so time consuming…
TenNapel: …there are definitely more Creature Tech stories in me but it takes a long time to tell them. Next?

vpisteve: how're you doing on time? got time for a few more questions?

TenNapel: I'll take 3 more questions.
SpaceBass: go ahead steve

vpisteve: what was the original pushtimes site? and will you forgive us for finding it too soon? 🙂

TenNapel: We always wanted people to find Pushtimes…
TenNapel: …those of you who found it early where a great confirmation that our evil plan was operational!. Next?

vpisteve: heh

SpaceBass: I have a few absentee questions from another player
SpaceBass: ngajengai asked: Did the number 10623 refer to the date of Ernie Padgett’s unassisted triple play on 10/6/23 and if so, was it a point of reference of some kind? Were the characters using baseball gestures to signal information to the audience? Because I think I could see them, but couldn’t put together the system… Also, I think I also recognized some ASL and some finger-spelling… Am I out in left field with these questions?
TenNapel: There was some sign language going on but I don't remember much of it getting into the show…
TenNapel: …I don't know anything about baseball so I doubt if that stuff was there.Next?
SpaceBass: Next up, kingohugs

kingohugs: With the use of Bodnick as a late episode clue, can we gather that he was not dead? How was he to be Hinted at?

TenNapel: We thought of bringing him back, but I mostly wanted to use his name as a tribute to the character. There was a chance that he would survive but I;m not sure…Lat question please!
TenNapel: Last
SpaceBass: Last question from Tien_Le

Tien_Le: was the number 47 used specially in each episode

TenNapel: No. Hey gang, in closing, Wasn't it great that Mark Nakamoto won a million buchs without having to eat any bugs?!
TenNapel: bucks
SpaceBass: lol

vpisteve: heh

imbri: heh

TenNapel: Thanks gang
SpaceBass: Thanks again for taking the time out for us Doug.

jamesi: thanks to you

SpaceBass: And good luck with Creature Tech!
TenNapel: I gotta go now. Thanks especially to Steve for your patience
SpaceBass: I'm heading to Amazon right now 😉

vpisteve: yeah doug. thanks so much

Gupfee: Come back and visit any time!

TenNapel: YEehaw! Go TECH!

Thanks again to Doug TenNapel, to everyone who showed up and made it a great chat, and especially to Steve Peters (vpisteve) of ARGN for putting it all together!

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