Chasing the Wish

January – August 2003
Tag: A place you cannot go, a secret you cannot know.
Curtain: Chasing the Wish
Trailhead: Synthasia
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Gametype: Independent


Status: Concluded.
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Quickstart Guide: by Steve Peters
Trail: by Jamesi
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Guide: by Varin
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  • Chasing The Wish is an immersive internet game where the players become an interactive part of an unfolding mystery and adventure.
  • Chasing The Wish will involve challenging puzzles and tasks that
    will require research and activity not only on the web but in the
    real world as well. Real world objects will be key elements of the
  • Chasing The Wish will be free.
  • Chasing The Wish is not a ChangeAgents' story. It is not about mind control or secret government agencies (at least not in any way you might dream of). [Note: The ChangeAgents' were key figures in earlier games by one of the developers of Chasing The Wish]
  • Chasing The Wish is not a solo effort. Some team resources are already in place, others are being recruited for specific needs.
  • Chasing The Wish is in development now and already has over two dozen websites conceived and integrated into a multi-layered storyline.
  • Chasing The Wish is tentatively scheduled to begin near the end of the year.
  • Chasing The Wish will make generous use of video, audio, e-mail, phone calls, chats and IMs, as well as live real-world events.