Experience It! Exposed

We received word yesterday that the Experience It! campaign concluded successfully last week with a midnight rendezvous on Friday, December 13, at the Boise Art Museum. The event showcased the work of video artist, Gary Hill, and close to 100 people attended.

The ARG campaign leading up to the event was organized at the request of the museum for an original and different way to attract new museum visitors. The idea was to begin with the flyers as the rabbit hole for individuals to stumble across, and other modes of information and clue delivery included bulletin board signs, printed drink coasters, billboards, and even an ad in the local paper.

All of the campaign participants who attended the exhibit were given an article explaining the concept, and treated to a DJ, free food, and drinks in the Museum's main gallery after they toured the Gary Hill Exhibit. The Boise Art Museum was well pleased by the turnout.

According to the campaign coordinator, the game is in the process of being converted to online play, so that the trail of clues can be followed without the need to travel to Boise. "This was originally designed for new online gamers who have never participated in ARGs, so unForum members will solve this very quickly but it might be a nice lunch break adventure," the coordinator said.

As pointed out by a guest on the unForum, there is a new message from Maurice at the Martin Heidegger site, giving some information that previously could only be obtained by going to a specific brewpub and asking a bartender about Maurice in person. Players can now continue the journey to the conclusion, which will include a behind-the-scenes description of the various sites, important clues, and photos of the places and signs around Boise that were used in the campaign. The conversion is anticipated to be completed by this weekend, and will remain active through January of next year.