Metacortechs (Project Mu)

September – November 2003
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Puppet Masters

December 11, 2003
by Andrew Losowsky, The Guardian Online (Offsite)

Frustrated gamers are taking matters into their own hands, creating games based on fictional characters in an alternative reality. But the suspension of disbelief is vital to the genre's success. Andrew Losowsky reports

Mysteries of the Metacortex

October 9, 2003
by Andrew Eaton, (Offsite)

At first glance, looks like just another corporate website. Metacortex, the site tells us, is "the world’s foremost software and information systems development company". Its employee of the month is Beth McConnell. Its CEO, we learn, recently retired.

But here’s the catch – the company does not exist, except in the imaginations of the Wachowski brothers, creators of Hollywood blockbuster, The Matrix. Metacortex is the company for which Keanu Reeves’s character, Thomas Anderson (aka Neo), works before he becomes a machine-battling freedom fighter. Andrew Eaton reports


Project Mu was a web-based Alternate Reality Game that ran between October 1 and November 22, 2003, beginning with a teaser countdown that was found in September. Inspired by the Matrix Trilogy, Project Mu was a work of immersive fan-fiction created by an amateur team of developers purely for the enjoyment of those playing.

Project Mu created a world of multiple websites, interactive characters, emails, phone calls, instant messages and realworld clues. The work was not affilliated with Warner Bros. or Village Roadshow in any way.