"TELEPORT is a Multidimensional Transport System."

After a few members of the ARG community received a cryptic email pointing to the Red Kore Communications website, confusion reigned. The site was even more cryptic than the short emails introducing it. Red Kore sells kits, or "trips," that…well we're not sure exactly what they do.

Red Kore issued a press release today, which helps clear up matters a little. That is, if your definition of "clear up" is "further confuse matters." It stated in part:

TELEPORT is a fun, easy-to-use guide to astral projection and other forms of non-physical travel. It was created to satisfy the surging interest in tools for exploring non-physical dimensions.

TELEPORT is intended for a broad audience, ranging from ardent spiritual seekers to club-goers looking for something to get the night moving. For those with spiritual leanings, TELEPORT is a fine complement to popular practices such as yoga and meditation.

We have no idea what this means, but we like it. Check out the full press release here (Adobe PDF), then jump into the forum to contribute a little brainpower to the task of understanding what the hell this is all about. Enjoy your trips!