Actually, we’ve always been spoiled

Unfiction is proud to announce the launch of, a sister site dedicated to releasing information into wild. It will, of course, be focused on the Alternate Reality Gaming and Chaotic Fiction communities and will provide free wiki resources for their pursuits. Wikis may be requested via a contact form on the site and usage will be subject to a modified version of the terms of service that have worked quite well so far on our own forums.

One wiki has already been created and seeded for those of you following the Golden Jigsaw puzzle.

Every so often, a campaign comes along that either by design or by accident pits players against each other in a battle to keep their information secret. Since this dynamic runs quite counter to the Unfiction norm, in the end it mainly causes trouble for the moderators and administrators who must worry about which user was posting as a guest merely to disseminate information anonymously and which was really a puppetmaster attempting to post in disguise. It is my hope that Despoiler may serve as an outlet for those player necessities and make it easier on those of us who attempt to facilitate the discussion.