L3 Email

We received a congratulatory email from the law firm that kicked up a ruckus the other day.

From: Landau Luckman Lake
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 21:39:12 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Well Done

Dear Sirs and Ladies:

As you are no doubt aware, our firm has recently submitted a series of photos and documents to various members of your community, in accordance with a set of instructions that we have received from a long-standing client. In following along with said group of instructions, we do hereby offer some explanation of these actions.

Our client, who is to remain anonymous, has delivered into our care several packages. These packages contain information that has yet to be looked [at] by anyone for several decades. As such, our client has very specific requirements regarding the dispersal of the packages and information that we have been entrusted with. Specifically, we have been instructed to make available a series of 6 tests. For example, the information passed into the series of documents that we recently distributed comprises the first test. Five additional tests will follow in the coming weeks. When any member of this community believes they have solved a test, the answer must be submitted to our firm for verification. When all 6 tests have been completed, we then open the next set of instructions and determine what is to happen next. Please note: Any participation in deciphering the information is strictly voluntary.

Stephen Lake

Looks like cemgate's solution was correct. And bonus, now we have the email address that she was missing!