TerraQuest Game Offers Mystery, Intrigue and Big Bucks

by Steve Peters, contributing author
I had a chance to sit down and chat with Keith Griffin, the CEO of MindQuest Entertainment, the company behind the new online interactive game TerraQuest. Keith is the driving force behind this newly launched game, which bills itself as a cross between a mystery and a scavenger hunt, offering a minimum prize of $250,000 to the first player to solve it.

Keith Griffin, CEO of
MindQuest Entertainment

TerraQuest is a pay-to-play game, reasonably priced starting at $25 for approximately 6 months of play. For a limited time, TerraQuest is offering a three-day free trial. Full registration is required for prize eligibility.

For those out there unfamiliar with TQ, why don't you first give us a little overview of ideas behind the game.

When we decided to create TerraQuest, we wanted to create a game that was not so much hand-eye coordination, but a game of the mind, of strategy and of skill. We wanted this to be a game with as few borders as possible, so we made sure that we had a game that would be available to play internationally, currently in over twenty nations around the world. We looked at the market, we looked at where we thought other games had failed in the past, and we said "Let's make sure we do some things we think are the right way."

So, we divided the game into six periods of play, that are between thirty and forty-five days apiece, and each game period has its own challenge. The neat thing about the way the challenges are structured is that no one can really get that much further ahead than anyone else. The information that we release in Game Periods II, III, IV and V will not be available to anybody prior to the actual release. So, it makes it fun in that you can come into the game at different points in time and still have an opportunity to compete.

How many registered players do you have right now?

I believe right now we have players from 8 nations around the world, growing every day. We're going to hold back the actual number of players at this point in time, but we'll have more information about that when we release the second game period, because that alters the prize amount that's there, as well.

In your opinion, what one thing makes TerraQuest unique among other online games?

I don't know if I can just give you one, but I can give you a couple of the high spots that make TerraQuest truly fascinating. This is not so much a game of gremlins and trolls as it is a game with people playing characters in a story which takes place in today's time. So, you get to watch it all basically unfold, much like a novel come to life, but you get to interact with it and play with it, which makes it kind of unique and fun.

The other nice thing that we've built into TerraQuest is the ability to manage what you do, rather than keep reams of notes on paper to keep track of your activities. We've given players a really nice clue manager called the LARS console to which you can go back and refer and do the research that you want to do when you play the game, which makes it rather unique. The other thing that makes it fun is that this is a game you can play anywhere. You can play at work (on your lunch hour), and then when you go home at the end of the day, you can log on from your home computer and have everything waiting for you that you'd done during the day. Then the last thing that makes TerraQuest truly unique is the fact that we actually have a prize in this game of skill that we've created.

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