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Help Wanted

Sunday, April 10th, 2005

Incitatus passed along some sad news the other day.

Cu Roi, aka The Ouroboros, aka LT CMDR Case sent me an email on april 5th.

He did not say much (understandably, as hova put it, this "falls beyond the realm of notification") but he directed me to several links and identified the family as part of his own.

I have personally offered him my condolences and number…to talk if he wants to.

News links included in the email:

Orlando Sentinel
News-Journal Online
AOL News
USA Today
News-Journal Online

Please consider contributing to a better future for this brave little girl. ARGN has set up a Tia Hernlen PayPal Donation Fund.

If you don't have Paypal, send your donation by mail:

Tia Hernlen Trust Account (for living expenses)
Gulf States Credit Union
P.O. Box 945110
Maitland, FL 32794

Tia Skye Hernlen Education Fund
Bank of America
3809 S. Nova. Road
Port Orange, FL 32129

Or donate in person to this fund at any Bank of America branch.

April Fool’s

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005

Of course, it was all a joke. Come on, we're crazy but we're not…that…yeah, um, we have nowhere to go with this. We're pretty damn crazy.

We hope you enjoyed our little bit of fun, brought to you by SpaceBass, Jamesi, ScarpeGrosse, Gupfee, and the indomitable Wishi-san.


Sunday, October 24th, 2004

A new Canadian-based ARG launched tonight, tied into a television show that airs on the premium "Movie Central/The Movie Network" cable channel. Certain Canadian members recieved an odd mailing tipping them off ahead of time to a bioengineering company that may have inadvertently started a plague worse than the world has seen in years. The television show and the online ARG (or Extended Reality Game, as it is referred to on the show's meta-site) closely parallel each other as far as events. Tonight, the show premiered and players were invited to join a private group investigating the plague, a disease dubbed the Miranda Virus.

Canadians take heed! Head over to and join in the fight, and talk about your findings in our new Regenesis category on the Unforums!

Urban Hunt

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

The inestimable Yanka posted a link to a new upcoming reality TV show called Urban Hunt, that appears to be a kind of blend of real world challenges and online participation…or is it? Apply at the site to be one of the "Online Advisors," and the confirmation email you receive holds more than you may have bargained for, although it seems innocuous enough at first glance. Following the clues and web trail has led us to a total of five sites so far…can you help us find more? Join the discussion in the forum, or hit the chat room, #urbanhunt on

Halo 2 Loves Bees?

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

As strange as it may sound, there could be a possible connection between the ILoveBees site and the upcoming release of Halo 2, a hotly anticipated game for the Xbox console platform that is due out in November. It appears that the developers made a deal with Loews Cinemas across the country to show a theatrical trailer for the game during the previews before certain movies. The trailer doesn't appear to contain any new game scenes or information, according to scattered posts on Xbox- and Halo-related discussion sites. However, there have been a few reports that the Xbox URL shown at the tail end of the trailer changes briefly from to! There are a few online versions of the theatrical trailer floating around, but unfortunately their quality leaves something to be desired. You can see that something is definitely happening with that URL though! Is there a connection? If you can substantiate or disprove the theory, we'd love to hear from you over in the Haunted Apiary forum!