2002 lockies awards

The official award show for the LockJaw campaign, hosted by Payne Wenipee!

by: Adam Pedley-Smith
taped live

Live from Moreland, WV, it's the Lockies!

That's right, hello everybody, and welcome everyone to this, the first ever Lockies Award Ceremony. I'm Payne Wenipee and my co-host for the evening is the lovely Ivana Bigapare, she's out there on the red carpet right now amidst the arriving celebrities. Ivana?

Thanks Payne! Gosh, the air is just lousy with excitement out here, the good folks of Moreland have really turned out en masse to greet the famous faces that will be here tonight. Why, people are virtually exploding with anticipation and who can blame them on this night of nights. Oh and look, here comes a familiar face down the red carpet, you know him, you love him, it's the Reverend Lee and doesn't he just look fabulous? I don't think I've ever seen a man of the cloth in fluorescent lycra before but this is one image I'll never be able to burn off the back of my retinas. And speaking of deep tissue damage, here comes the mayor of Moreland himself, Vernon Devenish. And as you can plainly see, the scarring really isn't as hideous as the news made out. Who needs a nose anyway, right? Anyway Payne, back to you in the studio.

Thanks Ivana, well, the first award for the evening is coming up shortly, but first lets take a break and we'll be right back with more of the First Annual Lockies Awards!

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