2002 lockies awards

We're in the Home stretch folks, and due to time constraints, being hideously over-budget, and due to the fact that the guy writing all this couldn't be assed to keep it up for 4 or 5 more posts we're going to give out all the Out-of-Game awards in one fell swoop! So buckle your seatbelts kids, this ride could get bumpy!

Most Valuable Player:
vpisteve with 44% of the total vote

Beginners Luck award:
mottjr with 63% of the total vote

Most Memorable #jb Quote:
"mmm pie" with 56% of the total vote

Most Character Interaction:
jamesi with 38% of the total vote

Wildest Theory:
Vad is Serpent with 50% of the total vote

Most Obscure Research:
Language of Flowers with 50% of the total vote

Most Suspected of Being a PM in Disguise:
imbri with 56% of the total vote

Golden Trout Award:
Sam G with 60% of the total vote

Well that's it everybody, we've come to the end of the first Lockies Awards ceremony. We'll see you all next time, if anyone bothers to do one of these again after the close of another ARG. Until then, I'm Payne Wenipee—

And I'm Ivana Bigapare.

—Saying goodnight everybody. The bar will be open for another 15 minutes only. Now, who has my nicotine gum?

All envelopes used in The Lockies are made with recycled paper.

Payne Wenipee dressed by his mum.

Ivana Bigapare dressed, but just barely.

The Lockies is not affiliated with the Moreland, WV, chamber of industries, Mr Chunkee chicken nugget restaurants (26 locations across the western suburbs), FerretWater Inc. or Ganmed Biotechnical. In fact the folks at Ganmed are really a swell bunch of guys and we consider them our close personal friends. So maybe they could return our first-born children now, please?

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